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Chevy Truck Begins However Will not Keep Working: 10 Causes With Options

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My Chevy truck begins however received’t keep operating: have you ever ever confronted this example? Within the article beneath, we are going to reply why this occurs and what you are able to do about it.

In case your automobile begins for a number of seconds after which all of a sudden shuts down, there could be numerous causes behind this. 

For example, if there is a matter with the ignition change or system, you’ll face such an issue. The explanations is usually a defective spark plug, malfunction of the throttle physique and EGR valve, Engine coolant temperature sensor, or vacuum leak. 

You could totally examine numerous parts contained in the automobile to seek out the foundation reason behind the issue and resolve it accordingly.


Chevy Truck Starts But Won't Stay Running


Why Does My Automobile Begins However received’t Keep Working?

#1. Points In Spark Plug 

A foul or foul spark plug can have an effect on the engine’s efficiency considerably. It can not burn the air-fuel combination on the proper time, and thus you’ll expertise low mileage and misfiring of the engine. Your automobile can even begin for a number of seconds after which stops to run.


The spark could also be weak or inadequate to burn the air-fuel combination. So, verify the spark plug totally. You may observe the beneath procedures.

  • Take away every spark plug of your verify and verify one after the other totally.
  • A spark that appears brownish or grayish tan signifies that it burns the air-fuel combination correctly. But when the spark plug appears another shade, it means ignition or gasoline points.
  • If you happen to discover the spark plug moist, it may be due to oil leakage or inadequate gasoline reaching the combustion chamber.
  • The wires of the sparkplug and ignition coil can go unsuitable with time. So, verify them. 
  • Examine with the distributor cap to know whether or not there are cracks or carbon particles.
  • Concurrently verify the electrode hole with the assistance of a wire gauge and examine it with the handbook.


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#2. Points Within the Gas System

The work of the gasoline system is to retailer and supply gasoline to the combustion chamber so that it’ll burn together with air and supply the mandatory energy to the engine. It contains numerous parts like gasoline pumps, carburetors, gasoline injectors, gasoline filters, and gasoline traces. All of the elements ought to work adequately for the correct operating of the engine.

Issues within the gasoline system could be why the automobile engine begins for a short while after which all of a sudden stops.


  • Take away the air cleaner outlet pipe from the throttle.
  • Request one pal to begin the automobile.
  • Spray some carburetor cleaner on the throttles as quickly because the engine begins.
  • If the engine stays idle for a number of moments, then there could be points with the gasoline provide.

The problems could be with the gasoline pump, gasoline injectors, crankshaft place sensor, gasoline stress regulator, or engine coolant temperature sensor.

You can begin with the gasoline filter. Take away the filter and begin blowing air within the gasoline circulate route. If the air finds it tough to circulate, then there could be points with the gasoline filter. You may exchange a brand new filter to eliminate the answer.

If the gasoline pump works completely, then verify the crankshaft place sensor. The work of this sensor is to detect the place of the crankshaft. It even decides how a lot the valve will open to provide air and gasoline contained in the chamber. It sends all this data to the ECU. The ECU then determines the timing of the spark or sprays the correct quantity of gasoline.


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Chevy Truck Starts But Won't Stay Running


You may simply verify the working of the crankshaft sensor. Examine the tachometer when the engine is in operating situation. If the rpm stays at zero, there’s some fault within the crankshaft place sensor.

A dangerous sensor can lead to the engine beginning for a while and all of a sudden stopping it. If you happen to discover it defective, then exchange it with a brand new one.

Weak gasoline stress can even trigger the automobile engine to turn into unstable. Join the stress gauge and permit the engine to run in idling circumstances for a couple of minutes.

In case your automobile’s gasoline system begins to drop stress, there are points with the gasoline pump. Take your automobile to the closest mechanic and exchange the gasoline pump with a brand new one if wanted.


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#3. Situation In Ignition Swap

If in case you have checked the automobile’s gasoline provide system and it really works effectively, then you could verify the ignition change. There are numerous electrical contacts contained in the ignition change. These contacts can put on out with time. 

With the intention to verify the ignition change, you must observe the beneath process.

  • Your first obligation is to find the ignition change, which is normally current behind the lock cylinder. You’ll want to take away the duvet of the steering column or sprint panel to seek out the ignition change.
  • Examine the automobile handbook to make sure the presence of the ignition change of your automobile.
  • Press each the ignition change and electrical connector at a time and attempt to begin the engine.
  • Suppose you observe that the engine is beginning however remaining in idling situation whereas urgent the ignition change and electrical connector. In that case, there are points with the ignition change contacts. You need to join it correctly to eliminate the answer.


#4. Points In Throttle Physique 

The throttle physique is current in between the consumption manifold and the air filter. The primary work of the throttle physique is to regulate the quantity of air that must be entered contained in the combustion chamber.

It normally contains a butterfly valve that revolutes on the shaft. Whenever you press the accelerator, the butterfly valve opens and permits a certain quantity of air to enter the combustion chamber. Whenever you launch the accelerator, the butterfly valves shut and lock a certain quantity of air within the combustion chamber. 

Thus throttle physique is answerable for controlling the engine velocity of the automobile. However the throttle can have carbon construct up with time. It decreases effectivity and can be answerable for shutting off the engine after beginning for a number of seconds.

Additionally, you will discover a throttle place sensor hooked up to the throttle physique. The work of this sensor is to detect the place of the butterfly valve and ship the knowledge accordingly to the ECU. 

A defect within the sensor sends the unsuitable data to the ECU, and thus it might lean the air-fuel combination. It dramatically impacts the engine’s efficiency, and within the worst instances, your engine might stall.


You may clear the throttle physique with the assistance of a carburetor cleaner. If the sensor is dangerous, exchange it with a brand new one.

#5. Defective Canister Vent Valve

The evaporative emission management system is now a standard characteristic in nearly all automobiles and prevents the gasoline vapors produced within the gasoline tank from releasing into the ambiance.

The work of the canister vent valve is to redirect the gasoline vapors from the gasoline tank into the canister after which to the combustion chamber, the place it would burn by the spark plug, similar to regular gasoline. The primary advantage of this valve is to minimize the consumption of gasoline. 

It operates electrically and is also called a solenoid. But when the valve is not going to work on the appropriate time or is caught by mud and dust, then it creates an issue. Your engine can turn into unstable due to the dangerous canister valve.


Clear the canister valve infrequently. Whether it is poorly broken, then you must exchange the valve.

#6. Defective PCV (Optimistic crankcase air flow)valve

At any time when the air-fuel combination is burnt contained in the combustion chamber, the waste gases are liberated exterior the ambiance by the exhaust system. 

However a few of these waste gases go into the crankcase and piston, the place it mixes with oil and produces oil sludge which might injury seals and trigger oil leakage. 

Secondly, these waste gases could cause excessive stress within the crankcase, which might blow away the gaskets. So PCV valve is current in fashionable vehicles, directing waste gases from the crankcase to the consumption manifold.

However the valve can get caught with the time and permits an excessive amount of air to enter contained in the consumption manifold; consequently, the engine turns into unstable.


Examine the PCV valve infrequently. You may verify it simply together with your hand. Take away it and shake it for a number of seconds. If it doesn’t produce any noise, there’s some concern with the valve.


Chevy Truck Starts But Won't Stay Running


#7. Issues with Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

The work of the ECT sensor is to ship data to the ECU in regards to the engine temperature. Consequently, the ECU will regulate the spark timing and air-fuel combination for the sleek operating of the engine.

But when the ECT sensor goes dangerous, then unsuitable data will likely be despatched to the ECU, and thus the air-fuel combination ac turn into lean. It immediately impacts the engine efficiency and ends in poor acceleration. 

The engine might even begin for seconds and all of a sudden shut down due to a defective Engine coolant temperature sensor.


  • Discover the ECT sensor of your automobile.
  • Take away the ECT sensor connector when the engine is in off situation.
  • Take a multimeter and set in its ohms, and measure the resistance of the ECT sensor electrical connector.
  • Set up the ECT sensor connector.
  • Enable the engine to run at idle for 15-20 minutes
  • Measure the resistance of the ECT sensor connector.
  • Evaluate the resistance when the connector is chilly and when it’s scorching.
  • Bear in mind, the resistance worth needs to be decrease when the ECT sensor connector is scorching than chilly.
  • Now examine your outcomes with the handbook.

Moreover, in case your ECT sensor has faults, it would set off the verify engine mild. If the ECT sensor works positive within the take a look at, however the verify engine mild is illuminated, it’s a must to verify the circuit between the pc and the sensor. Typically the worn-out wire is usually a cause for engine stall.

#8. Fault In EGR Valve

The primary work of the EGR valve is to redirect among the exhaust gases again into the consumption manifold, which considerably helps scale back the engine temperature and forestall polluted gases from being launched into the ambiance.

However the EGR valve can have carbon deposits with time and at last ends in blocking. It causes the engine to turn into unstable after beginning for a couple of minutes.


  • Find the valve. It’s normally current close to the exhaust pipe.
  • Most valves are fairly difficult to uninstall. So, guarantee you may have all instruments for eradicating the EGR valve.
  • When you take away it, clear it with carburetor cleaner to take away all carbon deposits.
  • Reinstall it by utilizing a brand new gasket.

#9. Defective Catalytic Converter

The work of a catalytic converter is to transform dangerous gases into much less dangerous ones earlier than being launched into the ambiance. However it may possibly develop cracks with time or get broken badly. Therefore you’ll expertise much less engine energy, low acceleration, and a rotten egg scent.


If the catalytic converter is defective, you could exchange it with a brand new one. However changing the catalytic converter is a bit costly.

#10.Vacuum Leak Situation

Your engine might shut off after operating for a couple of minutes due to a vacuum leak drawback. The leakage can occur due to broken gaskets and hoses.


  • You could all of the vacuum pipes totally.
  • Hint each pipe together with your hand to seek out any leakage. Bear in mind, leakage normally produces a hissing noise.


Chevy Truck Starts But Won't Stay Running


Fault Codes

Few fault codes can outline the issue appropriately.

It defines errors within the ignition system. So, attempt to verify the sparkplug and its wires, after which once more verify the code. If the code nonetheless exists, then verify the ignition coil.

It defines an error within the crankshaft place sensor. Examine the sensor after which once more verify the code.

A fault within the EGR valve will present this code. You may uninstall the valve, clear it and set up it once more. You may then verify the code.

The error represents the malfunctioning of the throttle physique and sensors hooked up to it. You’ll want to clear the carbon deposits settled on the butterfly valve and recheck the code.

This code represents an issue within the injection system. So, verify the injection system of the automobile after which verify the code.

Regularly Requested Questions

#1. What would trigger a Chevy Silverado to close off whereas driving?

Your Chevy Silverado can shut off whereas driving due to a number of causes. For example, if there is a matter with the ignition system, the engine will shut off instantly after operating for a number of seconds. Properly, there are different causes, too, which we’re itemizing beneath

  • Lifeless battery
  • Defective alternator
  • Malfunctioning of the gasoline system
  • Unhealthy catalytic converter
  • The problem with the EGR valve


Chevy Truck Starts But Won't Stay Running


#2. Why is my Chevy Silverado stalling out

Your Chevy Silverado might stall out due to numerous potential causes. We’re itemizing a few of them beneath.

  • Unhealthy EGR valve
  • The dangerous crankshaft place sensor
  • Malfunctioning of the throttle physique
  • Defective ignition system
  • Malfunctioning of ECV valve

#3. How do I get my Silverado out of limp mode?

You’ll want to disconnect the Silverado battery and permit the automobile to take a seat for nearly half-hour. Now join the battery as soon as once more after which verify the limp mode. If it seems, then it signifies one thing severe.

Wrap Up

The automobile engine shutting down after operating for a number of seconds is kind of irritating. There are numerous causes behind this drawback. You need to totally verify numerous parts to know the foundation reason behind the issue and accordingly resolve it.

If you happen to don’t know a lot about automobile parts, it’s higher to take the assistance of any skilled mechanic to seek out out the main reason behind the issue.

Thanks for studying this text.

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